Feb 072014

Well F1 season is now once more upon us, and rules are still changing the rules everyday, Why, not sure, comments made to save some money, but is it the case, I don’t think so.

Making all teams change Engines, Cars, set ups, Technology, cost more money, then why do this >

I have been  following F1 since I was 6 years old, my father use to take me worldwide to see the races, I saw, Servos Gavin, JP Beltoise, Pedro Rodriguez, and many others race all Over the world.

But the 2014 cars are the ugliest ducklings I have ever seen. Not only they are ugly they are slow, yes slow….

How Ugly you ask,  Look below!


Now, what is happening to F1> I know that they are loosing viewers worldwide,  this sport as become a money driven capital venture by Eclestone.

F1 Purist like me, will like to say to him and the federation what we think,    Et oui Jean Todd, je suis Français, et je te dit arrête tes bêtises.

Hybrid  his OK< but restricting the fuel is ridiculous, this is racing, not well lets see who wins tweaking the rules? a race car drive is there to drive and win, if you car does not work is not the fault of the team that can make it work. Maybe they should work harder. The you have Drivers that make idiotic comments that Vettel wins because is car, well I can say you all worn, because if that was the case then Webber should have finish second every race as well, so maybe you should think you are not as good as you are and take responsibility and you know who you are.


Ohh Yes and Ugly below

F1 Testing in Jerez - Day Four

In any case, this is what I believe,  so lets see who is the brave one for 2014, because you will need to wake up early to beat Vettel, why, because he knows how to set up is car, he does not waste time taking trash about others, in one word is a real driver, don’t be jealous, learn and beat him fairly. And stop this nonsense of triple points and Limiting the gas, don’t be losers!  Let them race, that is the reason they are F1 Drivers.

And I leave you with this,  GO VETTEL.


F1 2014 calendar courtesy of F1.com


New rules and regulations for 2014



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