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Alfa Romeo 4C

The Alfa Romeo 4C is a small, lightweight, rear wheel drive sports car, similar in size to the Alfa Romeo MiTo. It uses a carbon fiber tub, front and rear crash box, and hybrid rear frame mainly out of aluminum to keep its weight at 895 kilograms (1,973 lb); 995 kilograms (2,194 lb) in the United States.[6] The 4C will be the first mass-produced Alfa Romeo car for re-entry into the US market by 2014.


The 4C uses a new all-aluminium 1.75 L (1,742 cc) 240 horsepower (180 kW) at 6000 rpm inline 4 cylinder turbocharged engine. The engine has been designed for minimum weight, and will probably also appear in the 159 replacement, the Giulia. The engine CO2 emissions are 157 g/km and combined fuel consumption 6.8 L/100 km (42 mpg-imp; 35 mpg-US).[2] 0–62 miles per hour (0–100 km/h) acceleration is achieved in 4.5 seconds and the top speed is 258 km/h (160 mph), the power-to-weight-ratio being just 0.33 hp/kg (8.22 lb/hp). Journalist of the Quattroruote car magazine demonstrated how the 4C accelerates from 0–100 kilometres per hour (0–62 mph) faster than 4.5 seconds. In race mode, with left foot on the brake pedal, if you pull the right shift paddle engine will rev at 3500 rpm, but if you pull also the left paddle engine will rev as 6000 rpm and 0–100 kilometres per hour (0–62 mph) time will go down to 4.2 seconds.

Alfa Romeo has also confirmed a new 1.8 litre, 300 PS (221 kW) engine, which may appear in the 4C.

The objective is to give enthusiasts the supercar of their dreams, a car with unique styling and design choices, to be driven on both road and track. Once, this was a dream. Now it is the Alfa Romeo 4C. Is this new alfa hitting the US shores soon? We where told it was!


No concessions to style for its own sake, to convenience or to any desire to surprise. The essence of the Alfa Romeo 4C is simple: pure performance.
Every single design decision was taken with this in mind.

The heart of the beast, a centrally mounted engine, is clearly visible through the rear window. Every other element in the car starts from here. The round rear light clusters blend into muscular rear wings that house the air intakes for the intercooler. The energy-packed and dynamic sides taper into a perfect front profile for the headlights, inside which two V-shaped lines dive down to the shield-shaped grille and Alfa Romeo symbol.

The result is a car that conveys the pure spirit of motorsport. Every structural element has been conceived to fulfil a specific aerodynamic function, and to help create the downforce needed to ensure maximum grip during lateral acceleration.


Entering an Alfa Romeo 4C means entering the world of motorsport. As with the exterior, everything on the inside has a precise function too. The 4C dispenses with the superfluous and provides only the essentials for superior driving performance.


Alfa Romeo decided to produce the 4C in Modena, and set up a dedicated unit inside the Maserati plant. Here, the focus is always on evolved technology and top quality craftsmanship, a combination that leads to the production of cars that are truly unique in technical solutions and attention to detail.

You will want one, estimated price $ 55,000.00, but are we sure, of course not.

What about the convertible version? yes, I said it convertible, Sexy, fast, awesome.

This Alfa Romeo car is amazing.

For more information you can visit the alfa Romeo website at: http://4c.alfaromeo.com/en  or: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfa_Romeo_4C

Forza Italia

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