Oct 032017

Audio Power cables

Lets talk about this for a minute, my self I must say I was not a believer that power cables made any difference.  But man I was surprised when I started ordering some and testing them.

So yes we  started testing them,  many of them. From AudioQuest, Pangea Audio, Kimber Kable and many others.  At my surprise I was browsing on E bay, and  came across a small company that produces an unbelievable cable for the money.  I purchased one single cable  3 feet, 10 Gauge, platinum plated.   I must say this is a very well priced cable and I really recommend it.

As soon as I connected and turned the power on, I noticed an immediate difference in the TV Image, and sound clarity using both turntables

Testing equipment used:

Pre amp:  Pioneer SC95, (used as Pre-amp).

Amplifier: Emotiva XPA5 GEN 3 and Basx 300,

Speaker cables: Legend Signature 7 feet 9 Gauge,

Turntable: AT1240 and VPI direct

Phono Amp: Emotiva XPS1

RCA cables: Audioquest Big Sur,

Tos Link: Audioquest Carbon,

HDMI Cables: AudioQuest Pearl – Forest and Vodka,

TV: Samsung HD,  Cable Box: Arris HD,

Speakers: front Def Tech 8040,  Center channel CD8040, Surround – Def Tech Mythos 4 X4, Back Surround: Def Tech Pro 800 monitors, Atmos: Def Tech A60,

Speaker Spikes,  Steel chrome 2 inches adjustable,

Turntable Isolating platform Mahogany made by hand in Russia with Spikes.

CD player: Oppo UDP 203 and Onkyo DX390,

Subwoofers REL T9i X 4,

Turntables cartridges:  AT1240-AT95E using FURUKAWA 5N Pure Silver Litz  and a AT440MLB using  AT6101 lead wires, VPI Direct- Lyra Atlas Cartridge with silver lead wires.

Mats:  Cork, Aluminum  and acrylic.


The brand: Ble design, Quality of finish product: 5 stars, Ble Designs offers various quality cables at various prices and lengths. 

Unit Purchased:  Platinum Plated, Lenght: 3 Feet, Color:  Blue, Price including shipping $46.45 , Shipping: Ultra fast, Service:  5 stars