Mar 112014


What is happening with F1 in 2014?  The cars I cannot say they are Ugly, but they are definitively not elegant and attractive. I am somewhat disturbed by all the changes that Eclestone is forcing the teams to make,  I think is time he retires.  He wants the teams to save money, but what does he do? How can a F1 Team saves money when the changes for 2014 are the most expensive

  • in history of F1. redesign the full  car from scratch
  • New 6Cyl Turbo charge engine
  • New  system
  • New Radiators
  • New electrical
  • New aerodynamics
  • New tires

Would be easier to get rid of Eclestone all together, is time, I think. Lets enjoy the Australian GP if we can see a car finish it would be good, don’t you all think?

Take a look at what I believes as the nicest front End, the Lotus Renault.





Do not forget:

  •  Thursday March 13th Practice1 and 2
  • Saturday March 15th, Practice 3 and qualifying
  • Sunday March 16th the rate.

Make your bets, Favorite as of right now, Mercedes F1, but I am and still a Vettel fan my self, regardless of  everything else. I believe is the best driver period,

Alonso and others many times have stated that he wins because he ahs the best cars, but that makes no sense as Webber should then have ben second in all races, and that was not the case.

Jealous some?? Alonso Nico and Hamilton??




Lets enjoy the first GP of the year, good luck to all and good luck to Michael in is time of need.